Why you should use only Hog Rider level 4 and above

I have lots of questions about when is the best time to use Hog Rider in Clash of Clans. Well, in my humble opinion, Hog Riders is one of the most useful troops in game, especially at Town Hall 8 and Town Hall 9. You will not want to use Hogs at Town Hall 7 at all since Hogs level 1 and 2 are very very weak, any Archer Tower, Wizard Tower and especially the Giant Bomb can wipe them out very easily.


If you want to attack a TH9 War Base in Clan War, you definitely should use Hog at least level 4, they are significantly much better than Hog level 3 and always can give you an easy 3 star win in both farming or Clan Wars. If you still don’t have level 4 of them in the Barrack, upgrade them right now, upgrade them as soon as possible!

Come with Golems and Wizards, they can dominate any Town Hall 9 War Base or even weak Town Hall 10. Also, the HogiBarch strategy is also one of the best farming strategy right now and of course you can’t use it If you don’t have a decent level of troops. It’s not just about the HP of your troops, it’s also about the damage they can deal. They always can take down a Wizard Tower before they even hit them 1 hit. It’s extremely important to care about your Hog from now on.

TH9 Base which can help you push to Champion League

There are many who plays Clash of Clans. some are glad to be a farmer and some of them (like me) attempt to get to higher league it doesn’t matter why you are trying to attain champions for gem stones or for some thing else like dark etc. The query is a way to attain champions to be a champ.right here we go

My story-how I reached Champions. I was in my friends house playing Clash of Clans all at once he says bro why are you still in gold I’m in masters and achieving masters isn’t that smooth. Then I said to him – I can reach champions and please close your mouth. He said- pronouncing is simple and doing is hard. Those phrases offers me a lot of ache so I decided to attain champions.

After 1 week i reached champions with my max th7 base.

Wanna know how?

Let’s check

Journey from Gold to Crystal- used Barch to attain to the crystal three they’re splendid due to the fact they can hold your loot as excessive as possible. And they take less time then any different navy. you could add minions to that navy.deliver it a try pals.Cc troops – it works great without cc troops but keep few with you for more security

Spells- no need of spells. But always deliver one recuperation to guide you in diverse condition.

How to recover your rushed Base

Hello my name is Akira, and this guide will teach you the basics in how to recover from a rushed townhall. To begin with, the term “Rushed Townhall” means a player with low defence with high Townhall levels, it’s not a farming base!

The screenshot below is an example of a rushed base:


How to recover?

To begin with depending your Townhall levels, you will receive penalty or bonus loot depending what level your townhall is

Loot Multiplier (Table 1)

Townhall Level Difference Percent of Loot available
Same or higher level 100%
1 level lower 80%
2 levels lower 50%
3 levels lower 25%
4 or more levels lower 5%

Gold/Elixir Loot Available (Table 2)

Townhall Level Percent Available to be stolen Cap Storage Amount to Reach Cap
1 50% 500 1,000
2 50% 2,500 5,000
3 50% 30,000 60,000
4 50% 100,000 200,000
5 50% 250,000 500,000
6 50% 300,000 600,000
7 50% 450,000 900,000
8-9 50% 600,000 1,200,000
10-11 50% 700,000 1,400,000

The first table (Table 1) shows the available loot that can be stolen on that Townhall level. For example if you’re Townhall 7 and attacking a Townhall 5 then you are going to receive a 50% penalty loot. Thereby you are only receiving half of the loot.

This is important for Rushed townhalls, because any lower level townhalls will always be available 100% of your loots! So what to do?

The main thing you are concerned, is to drop your trophies down the league. This ensures that during the matchmaking you will most likely to be facing an opponent who is lower Townhall then you.

Note: please note that if your opponent lose a match against you then you will receive 26-32 trophies! Please ensure to keep those trophies low, to avoid high level players matching against you.

Source: http://clashofclans.com/

What is the best Town Hall 9 War Base?

Definitely the best Town Hall 9 in this TH11 December update is the Triton so far.

Why? Because of these features:

Even with this surplus adrenaline, this TH9 War Base still gets a few rough edges. Such as the core of this base, it feels a little empty and metes out experience too slowly. Gratefully, the new version of this base will be available soon, but you’ll have to collect enough star in Clan Wars and reach level 10 Clan before unlocking next troop in Clash of Clans. If the game would gate Matchmaking System, it does make sense when they remove much of the in-game support that makes Casual PvP accessible (unfortunately, the game fails to explain this fact), but the way to reach level 20 takes lots of time. Why don’t they set the limit lower and let players decide when they’re ready for it?


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