What is the best Town Hall 9 War Base?

Definitely the best Town Hall 9 in this TH11 December update is the Triton so far.

Why? Because of these features:

Even with this surplus adrenaline, this TH9 War Base still gets a few rough edges. Such as the core of this base, it feels a little empty and metes out experience too slowly. Gratefully, the new version of this base will be available soon, but you’ll have to collect enough star in Clan Wars and reach level 10 Clan before unlocking next troop in Clash of Clans. If the game would gate Matchmaking System, it does make sense when they remove much of the in-game support that makes Casual PvP accessible (unfortunately, the game fails to explain this fact), but the way to reach level 20 takes lots of time. Why don’t they set the limit lower and let players decide when they’re ready for it?


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