How to recover your rushed Base

Hello my name is Akira, and this guide will teach you the basics in how to recover from a rushed townhall. To begin with, the term “Rushed Townhall” means a player with low defence with high Townhall levels, it’s not a farming base!

The screenshot below is an example of a rushed base:


How to recover?

To begin with depending your Townhall levels, you will receive penalty or bonus loot depending what level your townhall is

Loot Multiplier (Table 1)

Townhall Level Difference Percent of Loot available
Same or higher level 100%
1 level lower 80%
2 levels lower 50%
3 levels lower 25%
4 or more levels lower 5%

Gold/Elixir Loot Available (Table 2)

Townhall Level Percent Available to be stolen Cap Storage Amount to Reach Cap
1 50% 500 1,000
2 50% 2,500 5,000
3 50% 30,000 60,000
4 50% 100,000 200,000
5 50% 250,000 500,000
6 50% 300,000 600,000
7 50% 450,000 900,000
8-9 50% 600,000 1,200,000
10-11 50% 700,000 1,400,000

The first table (Table 1) shows the available loot that can be stolen on that Townhall level. For example if you’re Townhall 7 and attacking a Townhall 5 then you are going to receive a 50% penalty loot. Thereby you are only receiving half of the loot.

This is important for Rushed townhalls, because any lower level townhalls will always be available 100% of your loots! So what to do?

The main thing you are concerned, is to drop your trophies down the league. This ensures that during the matchmaking you will most likely to be facing an opponent who is lower Townhall then you.

Note: please note that if your opponent lose a match against you then you will receive 26-32 trophies! Please ensure to keep those trophies low, to avoid high level players matching against you.



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