TH9 Base which can help you push to Champion League

There are many who plays Clash of Clans. some are glad to be a farmer and some of them (like me) attempt to get to higher league it doesn’t matter why you are trying to attain champions for gem stones or for some thing else like dark etc. The query is a way to attain champions to be a champ.right here we go

My story-how I reached Champions. I was in my friends house playing Clash of Clans all at once he says bro why are you still in gold I’m in masters and achieving masters isn’t that smooth. Then I said to him – I can reach champions and please close your mouth. He said- pronouncing is simple and doing is hard. Those phrases offers me a lot of ache so I decided to attain champions.

After 1 week i reached champions with my max th7 base.

Wanna know how?

Let’s check

Journey from Gold to Crystal- used Barch to attain to the crystal three they’re splendid due to the fact they can hold your loot as excessive as possible. And they take less time then any different navy. you could add minions to that navy.deliver it a try pals.Cc troops – it works great without cc troops but keep few with you for more security

Spells- no need of spells. But always deliver one recuperation to guide you in diverse condition.


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